Would you like to have your current website text revised in order to appear more professional in the eyes of your customers? During the revision process, the writer will check and, where needed, revise the text or part of it. Revisions can include the structure of the text, the content, formulation, spelling, and punctuation. 

Do you currently have a website that was translated or written by someone with good command of the language, but who is not a native speaker and/or writer? Or do you have a website with text that contains too many errors and therefore is not attractive to your clients? Or has your website become inconsistent because the texts have been written by too many individuals, each with their own writing style or word choice? Then a revision of your website may well be in order! 

We offer revisions from € 0,024 per word! 

For revisions, the quality of the texts does not have to be excellent; that will be taken care of during the revision process! It is, however, important for a revision that the current content is not generated by machine, and that the substance of the text is 100% correct. A revision will ensure that your texts become more attractive to your readers.

However, if you would like to have your texts compared to the source text, for instance because you feel that the previous interpretation was incorrect, or because you would just like to have the extra check as security, then that is of course also possible.

Advantages of revision

  • Have your website written in the same writing style and with recurring word choice. This enhances the visibility of your website and is SEO-friendlier!·
  • Have your website written complete with correctly applied word structure, grammar, punctuation, and choice of words by a native speaker. This enhances your trustworthiness and with it your sale and/or rental chances!
  • Revision also makes your website texts become more attractive to the reader! This increases your sale and/or rental chances!  

To be able to offer revisions of excellent quality and to ensure that the texts have been interpreted correctly, we only work with writers for whom the text to be translated is in their native language.

If you would like to be reassured of the quality of what we provide, we can offer you a free small revision (maximum 250 words) of a piece of writing of your choice. In this way, you can be assured in advance that both the quality and the writing style of the writer meet your requirements. Every writer has their own style of writing and this way we can make sure in advance that the correct writer has been assigned to the task!

If you think that the quality or the substance of your current website text is insufficient for a revision, then why not have a look at our copywriting / blogwriting or translation options. 

How we work

When you send us a text or website link with a request for a no-obligation quotation, we will reply by return. We will check for you if the quality of your (website) text is such that a revision is sufficient.  If this is not the case, we will take a look to see if translating or copywriting may be a better option! If your text is suitable, you can send us the text or content for instance in Word or Excel, or we can revise the content directly from your website.

Each customer is assigned a fixed person to contact regarding all their questions about the revision process.

Delivery and Rates

In most cases, we are able to deliver revisions of up to 2,000 words in all requested languages within 2 working days. Do you need your revision done more quickly? No problem: we can usually find a solution to meet your deadline! Obviously, the speed of the revision will be directly dependent on the complexity of the text.

In addition, we offer all our clients, up to 100,000 words, a risk-free payment on delivery. We do this to guarantee our quality and keep our clients satisfied. This way, we can be sure that you are happy with the work we have produced before we receive payment. It also means that you can rely on the fact that we will do everything to deliver the quality we promise and which you are looking for! 

NOTE: For translations of general terms and conditions or contracts, we make use of a translator with a legal background and/or sufficient knowledge of such work.  We however do not offer certified legal translations. 

For further information or a no-obligation quotation, please contact us.